[Loch-soilleir] Golden Arrow

Bill Butler chemistbb3 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 27 11:36:00 PDT 2004

Good friends, good food and good fun.  There was a
little drizzle or 2.  Good Chiv list, Sir Ulsted
emerged victorious, small Rapier List, Don Brian
carried the day.  Bardic championship was Friday
night.  I missed the A&S and archery.  The stickhorse
equestrian event was a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, there were a few problems between the
Shire of Stomebridge Keep and the Shire of Seawinds. 
Accusations of thief, kidnappings, River Pirates... 
Unfortunately I had to set in and try to smooth things
out.  I do believe that there may be a need to revisit
the situation in a month or so at Seawinds Defender.


--- John or Melissa Carter <homefrogs at houston.rr.com>

> Greetings Good Gentles! 
> In an attempt to live vicariously (lol) what is the
> report on Golden Arrow? Gunthar and I are really
> looking forward to being able to attend a few events
> this fall and early in the year next year.  At any
> rate, I hope the event was a well spent weekend for
> all.
> Pursuing the Dream,
> Hedwig 
> (the not so new newbie)
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