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Merilee Fong melessant at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 4 13:45:19 PST 2005

Mesterinde Annes,

Your servant was also quite generous on your behalf.  Perhaps wishing to accrue wordfame to your illustrious self, she did share some of the largesse with the other two competitors (Lord Cormac and Lady Maria) during the feast. So, if the basket is not as filled as might be expected when you receive it, do not think that Lord Alden was stingy in his gifting. Lord Alden also has the copy of your wonderful sonnet.
lisabetta at kjsl.com wrote:
  Mesterinde Annes,
Your servant Zelda, was able to get message to Lord Alden Drake who had
presented her with the basket with this message in turn he was able to get
message to me and I do have said basket in my holdings and will bring it
to you at Stargate yule.

Nel servizio che rimango,
Signora Lisabetta Micola da Monte

> Dear Friends of the Loch,
> I was very pleased by the report given to me by my servant, Zelda the
> Beggar, of her time spent in your fair Barony. Your kindness to her and
> patience with her *unique* ways is touching and I thank you for your
> opening your arms to her.
> However, the lazy strumpet has incurred my ire. It seems that in her haste
> to leave she left the basket of largess that she received for presenting
> my fledgling effort at sonnet writing in the feast hall at the end of the
> revel. Has anyone found such a basket among your populace? I would greatly
> appreciate its return. Perhaps at Stargate Yule this next weekend?
> In the meantime, I must bend my mind to a suitable punishment for her lack
> of responsibility. Suggestions are welcome.
> Yours,
> Mesterinde Annes
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