[Loch-soilleir] driving directions to Gunthar & Hedwig's

John or Melissa Carter homefrogs at houston.rr.com
Wed Feb 16 07:35:02 PST 2005

Greetings Good Gentles of the Loch:


Here are the best directions I can come up with to our house:


For those of you who enjoy Mapquest or I confuse you (which I am wont to do
at times) here is our address:


11211 Sagetrail Dr

Houston, TX 77089-4415


And our phone number and e-mail:


homefrogs at houston.rr.com


>From Clear Lake and points south:


*         Take your best route to I45N and the Scarsdale Exit (Exit 30 I

*         After you Exit Scarsdale you will go up and over the freeway (West
as Gunthar says) 

*         Continue on to Beamer and at the light of Beamer and Scarsdale you
will take a right

*         Go to the next light which will be Hughes Rd. and take a left

*         You will pass Frazier Elementary School on your right (after
several blocks) 

*         Our street is the second street after the school...the best
landmark is the fence with the name MATRANGA in huge white letters 

*         At that street (Sagetrail Dr) take a left and we are the second
house on the left.  

*         We have a large black wrought iron cross on the front of our house
& our kids have cement garden edging stones stacked up in a make shift
"ladder" under the tree in our yard.


NOTE: If you happen to pass the street continue to the first stop sign and
turn around we are then the second street after that stop sign and you'd
turn RIGHT onto Sagetrail.  Also, if you are coming from that end of
Pearland and take the Parkway to the Beltway and Blackhawk you would take a
right on Blackhawk and go all the way down to Hughes...one light and I think
two stop signs.  Take a left onto Hughes and again we are the second street
after the stop sign...go right onto Sagetrail and "tada"...

 From Dixie Farm and 518 you follow the first set of instructions after you
turn left onto Beamer.  



In service and pursuit of the dream,




Please note we live in the "Sagemont" subdivision and ALL streets start with
"sage" so that is not necessarily the best way to get around over here if
you're not familiar with the area!  




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