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Kathy Elliott kelliott at sjgs.org
Thu Feb 17 13:15:46 PST 2005

There seem to be many folks in the barony who have never been to Gulf Wars,
so here's a Reader's Digest version.  Feel free to ignore this post if
you've already been!

In case anyone needs it, all of the Gulf Wars information (including the
schedule) is now available online at:  www.gulfwars.org

For those of you who have never been, Gulf Wars is a WONDERFUL event!
Imagine over 5,000 of your closest friends, all living the Dream for a week.
The "war" is between Trimaris (Florida) and Ansteorra, and the event is held
in Meridies (Hattiesburg, Mississippi - about a 7.5 hour drive).  It is
March 14 - 20, 2005.  Some people arrive early in the week (Monday-Tuesday),
and some people only come out for the weekend.

The Opening Ceremonies are on Wednesday morning (3/16).  This is where all
the royalty ride in on horseback, and declare their alliances, or who will
be fighting for Ansteorra, and who will be fighting for Trimaris.  (It
generally works out about even.)  Then, throughout the week, there are "war
points" for various activities.  (Lots of combat-related war points, plus
others like A&S, Service, etc.)  At the end of the week, the kingdom with
the most points wins.  Then, we do it all over again next year!  (This is
the 14th year.)

Amidst all the war points there are also TONS of classes, performances,
balls, Middle Eastern dance, service opportunities, equestrian activities,
archery, and even fishing.  There are also enough merchants to keep anyone
busy the entire week!  Of course, there are usually many different bardic
circles, dances, and parties of all sorts every night.  (The parties will
usually "card" you if you look too young, so bring your ID if you plan to
partake of adult beverages.)  Countless friendships have been forged at Gulf
Wars - I am looking forward to seeing at least a dozen old and dear friends
from other kingdoms, and making many new ones.  Plus, there is lots and lots
and lots of fighting - both chivalric and rapier.  (Did I mention lots of

There are flush toilets and shower facilities at the war, and they also
bring in port-o-potties.  (Be prepared for a long line & wet floors at the
flush toilets.)  They keep the port-o-potties pretty clean, so they're not
bad.  There is a long line for the showers (especially the men's) after the
fighting, but if you time it right, it's not bad.  Some people also bring
"camp showers" like the ones you can get at Academy.  There is water
available (we'll have a hose), but no electric outlets in the camping area.
(There is electricity in the buildings, if you must have it for something.)
As far as meals, you have a few options.  There are several taverns that
sell everything from morning coffee to steaks.  You can also bring an cook
your own food.  Or, you can join in our food group and do a little of both.
We will be eating dinner as a group (taking turns cooking and cleaning), and
you'll be on your own for the rest of your meals.

Whether or not you're a fighter, don't miss out on the field battle at your
first war - it's pretty amazing to witness that many SCA fighters on the
field at once - to hear their war cries, and to see the great swarm of
Ansteorran tabards descend upon their foes!

Although it is too late to pre-register, if you find that you are able to
attend, Baron Armand will most assuredly make space for you to camp.  (And
there are some who have pre-registered that will unfortunately not be able
to attend.)  If you don't know what to bring, or if you don't have that much
experience camping, I'll be happy to either answer any questions, or help
you find someone who can answer them.  Depending on when you can leave, you
can probably find someone to caravan with, or maybe even find a carpool.

So come to the WAR!


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