[Loch-soilleir] sort of a demo thing

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I've got a variety of stuff I can lend - let me know when I can get it
to you.  I may be available for the demo, as well, but I don't
neccesarily know my schedule until just before... 


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Greetings unto the Populace of Loch Soilleir,

   I have an opportunity for a "demo" of sorts.  Our daughters' school
library is having their annual book fare the week of October 17 to the
The theme is Kingdom of Reading-Where Books Rule!  Gunthar, Jennette and
I did a small demo for Blair's second grade class last month and they
remembered us from that and so the librarian called to ask us for some
help now.

   What she is looking for is:

1.	Items for display (chain mail, shields, art pieces etc.)
2.	banners for decoration in the library 
3.	a suit of armor to display in a protected area (optimal but she
won't be upset if there isn't one available)
4.	she needs garb to wear for that week (she is about Neassa's
5.	She would love to have a few people (perhaps three or four) in
walking around talking to the parents on Family Night.  Unfortunately
Family Night is October 18th which is populace.  However, I told her
this and that if we could find some of us to volunteer it would only be
from about 5:00 or 5:30 (which is when it starts) to 7:00...it runs
until 8:00.  She was fine with this and very glad to know we might be
able to do it.

   I know that elementary schools are not the greatest place to demo (at
least that is the vibe I've picked up) but I thought since it is family
night which entails grown ups being there it might be worth it to give a
few hours.  Gunthar and I will have to be at the PTO program that night
at 6:30 but he doesn't get home until 5:30 and with dinner and getting
Brooke there to perform on time we won't be able to do it or I would
have just said we'd cover it.  Note I said PTO performance...that means
the ENTIRE 3rd grade population from Frazier elementary school will be
there to perform and thus their parents as well...this won't be just one
or two people it will be a rather substantial turn out.

   I will be going to a planning meeting Friday the 14th to meet with
the librarian and I'd like to have some type of answer for her by then
(and at least some decorations and garb to loan her.)  I will take full
responsibility for these items no problem.  If anyone is interested
please email me or call (281)464-7433 in the next few days and let me
know.  I'd really appreciate it if we could do this.  This is a great
school with huge parent participation and activity.  It is just up the
street from us and extremely easy to get to...only about 20 minutes from
populace meeting so you could get there in plenty of time...also on the
way to fighter practice as well...why not think about stopping by in
your armor and then going on to practice after you've wowed a few
parents and thrilled a few kids? SYMBOL 74 \f "Wingdings" \s 12

Thank you all for considering this and maybe participating, Hedwig...
(Fingers crossed and hoping...)

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