[Loch-soilleir] Vivat to the new Guardian of the Gauntlet

Merilee Fong melessant at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 13 08:11:45 PST 2006

Last Saturday, Loch Soilleir fielded six rapier fighters at Bjornsborg's Academy of Defense and Guardian of the Gauntlet.
  Don Alessandro Andretti
  Lord Brian O'hUilliam
  milady Lea
  Don Modius von Mergentheim
  Don Tristan von Heidelberg
  Baron William of Welewen
  And the new Guardian of the Gauntlet is:
  Don Modius von Mergentheim, defeating the Queen's Champion, Don Ingve of York, in the final round.
  (That means Loch Soilleir will be hosting next year's Guardian of the Gauntlet and Guardian of the Glove tournaments.)

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