[Loch-soilleir] Fw: an open letter to the Barony of Stargate and Loch Sollier

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Fri Mar 31 13:17:08 PST 2006

A former area member asked me to forward this letter.

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Subject: an open letter to the Barony of Stargate and Loch Sollier

> Could I ask you to post this letter out to your lists?
> I hope it's not too much trouble.
> thanking you,
> Ximon
> ======
> To the populace of the Baronies of Stargate and Loch
> Sollier does a long away son in the West send warm
> greetings!
> It is my intention to be in Houston the week of April
> the 10th and intend to attend your fighter practice on
> the evening of the 11th. I wish to humbly ask a favor
> if it is convienent for anyone.
> I am not sure I am able to bring my sword to Ansteorra
> but I really would like to have some time to play the
> rapier with anyone interested in fighting so that I
> may learn from you.  If someone has a sword to loan I
> would really appreciate it.  I normally use heavy
> rapier.  I also am a member of the Queen's guard of
> her Majesty of the West, Eliska and  as one of her
> guardsmen I am charged with accomplishing various
> tasks. One of them is fighting in Her good and noble
> name in a kingdom outside of the West. Since I was not
> able to travel to Estrella war in Atenveldt this year
> I missed out on that chance. But yet, my loving wife
> reminded me that since I am to be in Ansteorra
> visiting my parents I may have another chance to
> accomplish that task. so, here it is...
> It is my intention to bout with any and everyone I can
> that evening and to give a personal token to whomever
> inspres me the most at the endof my fighting.. Now,to
> be frank, I am no Noble, Don nor Peer.. This is simply
> a small token of thanks and friendship for bouting
> with me. If you would have a care, please contact me
> and make good word to let me know what you may have to
> share with me.  I look forward in representing my Her
> Majesty of the West, Eliska as best as I can, learning
> new things and making new friends that evening
> En Servicio,
> Ximon Martillo de Cordoba
> West
> " In my day, we parried with our blades, not our heads." 
> - Unknown Swordsman
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