[Loch-soilleir] Heraldic Consultation Night

Hedwig von Luneborg lochherald at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 05:54:23 PDT 2006

 Gutenmorgen und Brunnen trafen,
This Wednesday evening at Herren Hedwig's haus there will be a meeting of
the minds over all things heraldic.  The topic "vom Tag"   (of the day) is
"Augmentations" or "How do I get all that puffy stuff around my shield
registered".  There are but two major requirements:

   1. Your name and device MUST ALREADY be registered.
   2. You must come ready to have fun.

A person with a basic AoA doesn't not need to register their augmentation as
it would not have been registered in period.  The livery (or that flowing
stuff around the shield) would have been depicted differently by heraldic
artists each time it was done because they didn't start getting specific
about your augmentations until you reached a grant level rank or higher.  I
do not say this to discourage the person with an AoA from coming; just to
say that we will not be preparing registration forms for anything lower than
a grant level.  Anyone no matter what your rank is always extremely welcome
to come and learn or work on getting a name or device worked on and ready to
be sent in.  Not sure what a grant level or higher award is?  Well here is a
general break down for you:

*Grant Level*
White Scarf, Star or Iris of Merit, Centurion, Arc D'Or, Golden Lance

Master/Mistress of the Laurel or Pelican, Knight of the Society

Territorial Barony (landed), Royal family,  Court Barony

So, come with an open mind and some great ideas and let's have some fun!

 Haus der Herrin Hedwig's
7:00 Wednesday evening
please RSVP by 8:00AM Wednesday morning

Also..remember that as long as it isn't too wet Gunthar will be here ready
and willing for some good pick up fights and general beating of sticks on


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