[Loch-soilleir] Loch Guardian - A&S Competition

Deana Covel dmcovel79 at yahoo.com
Tue May 1 06:25:58 PDT 2007

 Guten Tag!

Loch Guardian is coming May 4-5, 2007!
   This Weekend!
 Come compete for the Honor of representing the Barony
of Loch Soilleir! 
  Title competitions in Archery, Rapier, Chivalric
Combat, Youth Combat, and Equestrian Skills.  It is at
Camp Camwood in Hockley, Texas.
 For more information see:
 In addition to the fighting activities at Loch
Guardian, there will be a non-titled Teamwork A&S
     In the Middle Ages almost everything created was
a team effort in some manner.  Most people’s skills
were specialized, either by the Guild system or
because of the colleted manpower on a typical estate. 
So let’s honor these artistic relationships of the

For rules, please visit:

In Service,
   Lady Hanna von Dahl
   Artisan of Loch Soilleir

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