[Loch-soilleir] Greetings

Croaker wolfoc at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 8 10:37:49 PDT 2007


    My name is HL Robert Carmichael and I am new to your barony.  I had the 
pleasure in meeting some of you this past weekend at Guardian and really 
enjoyed myself at this event.

    To tell you a little about myself, I play 1100 Scottish persona that 
lives in the lowlands of Scotland.  I started playing in 1990 in Meridies 
with a friend that introduced me to the SCA.  I was unable to play that 
often due to school and my military obligation (was a Corpsman in the Navy). 
I started playing in Ansteorra with Eldern Hills while stationed at Ft. 
Sill, OK (Army).  Afterwards I moved to Arlington, TX and was an active 
member of Elfsea.  Due to some personal reasons I had to move back to 
Meridies (Florida) for a short time and now I'm back home in Ansteorra.  I 
have served in several different positions within the Chirurgeonate, have 
autocrated some events, and have worked as an officer in the past within the 
baronies that I have been with.  I am a Protégée to Master Lucais du Belier, 
a Mentor Chirurgeon, and a member of House Wolfstar.  The awards that I 
carry are an AoA, Crane, and Star of Merit for my work in the chirurgeonate 
field.  I have attended several Gulf Wars (been going since V), an Estrella, 
but have not been to a Pennsic or Lilies yet.  I have also been given a nick 
name that has stuck with me since my original move to Ansteorra.  Fun part 
of it is most people actually know me more by it then by my actual SCA name. 
So anyone can call me "Croaker", Robert, or by any means along those lines 
and I will answer to it.

    Not sure if I missed anything or have said to much, lol.  I will say 
that I really enjoyed this past weekend event and the members of the 
populace that made me feel welcomed to the barony.  I hope that I can be of 
service to the barony in the future and hope to meet everyone that I may 
have missed this past weekend.

In Service to the Dream,
HL Robert Carmichael, CSM
commonly known as "Croaker" 

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