[Loch-soilleir] Heraldic Consultation Night

Serpentine Pursuivant lochherald at gmail.com
Mon May 14 21:52:22 PDT 2007

Greetings Unto  the Populace of Loch Soilleir doth Hedwig send greetings!
It is that time of the month again...yes heraldic consultation night is this
WEDNESDAY at 7:00PM in my home.  This will be the last consultation night
during my warranted time in office so if you have unfinished submissions
that I've been working on with you this is your chance to wrap it all up.
All I ask is that you bring one copy of each of the new forms which can be
found on the herald's website at:

and if you have your own set of crayola big 8 markers that you're willing to
bring along that would be awesome.  Here are directions to the house:

*From NASA 1 and all points SOUTH:*

Take I45 North to the Scarsdale exit.  Once you exit go left on Scarsdale
(over the freeway) all the way to Beamer Road.  There is one light between
the freeway and Beamer on Scarsdale.
Go right onto Beamer to the next light HUGHES RD.  At Hughes RD go left.
You will pass Frazier Elementary on your right and the second street passed
the school is our street.  There is a fence with the name MATRANGA on it in
MASSIVE white letters.  Go left onto our street  (SAGETRAIL DR)  we are the
second house on the left 11211.
*From all points NORTH:*
Take I45 south to Scarsdale and exit.  Go right onto Scarsdale and follow
the same directions as above.

*From Pearland/Silver Lake:*

Take Beltway 8 to Beamer Road and exit.  Go right onto Beamer Road to Hughes
Road. There are two lights between the beltway and Hughes.  At Hughes Road
take a right and go until you pass the elementary school.  Follow the
directions above.

*From Pearland/Dixie Farm Road:*
Take Dixie Farm to Blackhawk Road.  Follow Blackhawk to Hughes...it seems
quiet the drive.  At Hughes Road take a right.  There is 1 stop sign and the
second street after the stop sign is our street.  There is a school zone 35
mph flashing light post at our street.  Turn right onto the street and we
are the second house on the left.

We will have Gunthar's shield out front (the big white Bear's head).

11211 Sagetrail DR
Houston, TX 77089

for those of you who like to google, mapquest or Yahoo map things.

I ask that you let me know by no later than noon Wednesday if you will be
attending so I can make sure we have enough table and chair space for
everyone.  Also, if you would be willing to pay the reeve Tuesday night at
populace for your submissions we can get every one's turned in by the
beginning of next week.  Otherwise you will need to wait until populace in
June to pay and get your submissions in then.

I look forward to seeing you all Wednesday at 7:00,

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