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Greetings is there any among our barony who can help this damsel?


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Several years ago, Calendine (mka Kristen Lewis) played with your group when
SCA was still a fixture at RenFaire.  She mostly did dancing there and/or
hung out a lot in the SCA compound.  She also hung out with the Loch Dugh
dancers at Faire.  She and I were friends and I have lost track of her since
she was temporarily living in Canada with a friend of hers from Cirque du
Soliel.  I had the phone number of her friend but that phone is now
disconnected.  Before she was living in Canada, she lived with her dad in
Houston near Jones Road I believe and she was a grad student at University
of Houston.  She had long dark hair and was kinda short.  She and I would go
to the Mucky Duck to hear Clandestine play as well.  Does anybody have any
idea of whom I referring to or how to get in touch with her?

I am sending this e-mail from my fiancee's e-mail so please e-mail me back
at battybelfry at excite.com.

Lady Jilleighanne of Lindisfarne
mka Julie Bayha
Shire of the Shadowlands (when I played)

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