[Loch-soilleir] Loch Yule Thanks & Winners

Brian O'hUilliam brianoftheloch at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 19:29:38 PST 2008

So many made this year's Yule celebration possible:

Master Galen (Boar Hunter Extraordinaire) our site coordinator
Duke Ulsted for bringing his armor stand to hang the stockings
Lady Erynh and Morgan for making the site tokens and Snake Hunt snakes
HL Willoc for running the Snake Hunt
Master Galen for providing the coins for the Snake Hunt
Herr Gunthar for stepping in to coordinate the Boar Hunt
Countess Sara for running the charter painting table
Baroness Katya for judging our table decorating & costuming competitions
Our Roses (Duchess Eberegardis, Graffin Rebecca, and Countess Sara) for
judging the dessert competition
Don Brian for a wonderful Feast
Lady Wissa for being our Chiv Marshal in charge
Baron William for leaving the event to go to the shed to get necessary
Everyone who sat Gate including Baroness Katya, Debbie, Si'le, Master Galen,
and Lady Lessa
Everyone who helped with set-up and take down
And, of course, Their Excellencies William & Katya for the opportunity to
host the event

Thank you all!  And if I forgot anyone, I apologize.

We also had several competitions:
Master Galen is our new Boar Hunter
Lady Erynh won the costume contest
Lady Mairi & Master Leofric won the table decorating contest
Herrin Hedwig won the Dessert Competition with her Yule themed Cheesecake
Morgan was our top Snake Hunter

Thank you to everyone who came and I hope you all enjoyed it,
Autocrat Emeritus

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