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- Loch  Soilleir/Stargate Co-Baronial Event April 19th.
1. We  are in need of a person willing to do noble's luncheon
2. Set up and take down crews
3. Possibly some sweat  equity donated.

Please remember that we are splitting the $$ from this  event with Stargate
so we need to put in our hands and help this come  together.  We will be
choosing champions at this  event.

- Squires and Cadets May  9-11
- Please be watching the Black Star and email list for  more
information as this event gets closer and becomes more  finalized.
- Think of a friend or two or three to bring with  you to this or both
events.  Let's bring some new meat uh  I mean enthusiasm into the

OK- let me see if I have this straight.
The Loch shares fighter practice with Stargate
The Loch now shares it's Baronial event with Stargate
The Loch co-sponsors Squires with Stargate
What happened to our protected date on the event calender- it appears to be  

What is next- we turn in our barony status and become a canton of  Stargate?
Somebody PLEASE- email me off list and tell me what is going on- Is our  
population count so low we can't sustain Barony status anymore - What is  

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