[Loch-soilleir] New Years Greetings from the Chronicler

Loch Chronicler loch.chronicler at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 09:25:22 PST 2008

Greetings unto the Serpentine Populace!

I hope your holidays were merry and restful and that the new year will bring
for you only good things.  The January Serpents Tale will go in the mail

The question of the month for this month is: If you could go back in time
and meet yourself at your very first SCA event, what advice would you give
to yourself about the SCA?

And the word of the month: roaky  -  a word that has fallen out of common
use.  Come up with what you think the best definition of this word is
without using a dictionary or search engine, and call or email the
Chronicler with your best definition @ 817-239-7030 or
loch.chronicler at gmail.com.  Next month I will publish the submitted
definitions, along with the actual definition of the word.

You'll notice that, in the Serpent's Tale, there are no published answers to
last month's question and word, so I'm using the same ones.  I enjoy reading
your answers, and they make the Serpent's Tale a little more personal and
less than just a bulletin of announcements, so I hope you'll take a few
minutes to email me with answers to one or both of the above!

Also, several submissions have expired or are expiring soon - remember to
renew at the January populace meeting so that you can continue to get your
monthly updates about what's going on in our wonderful Barony and Kingdom!

Yours in service
Anne atte Rydeforde
Loch Soilleir Chronicler

Feudalism.... it's your Count that votes!

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