[Loch-soilleir] slightly OT - "Dinner: Impossible" goes to the Renaissance Fair

M. Fong melessant at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 29 15:31:20 PST 2008

The Food Network show "Dinner: Impossible" episode airs on Wed. Jan. 30 at 9pm CT and Jan. 31 at midnight CT.
  From the website: "Chef Robert Irvine will cook for royalty at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. King Henry VIII of the Renaissance Festival has requested Chef Irvine's culinary expertise to create a royal feast fit for a king, his fiancée, Princess Anna of Cleves and 30 guests."
  (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, in each episode, Chef Robert Irvine is given a task of creating a multi-course meal for a large number of people in an unusual setting given about 6 hours. Past episodes have included a baseball stadium VIP box, a governor's inaugural ball, Colonial Williamsburg, the Culinary Institute of America, an ice hotel, a spelling bee, a cattle drive, and a deserted island.)

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