[Loch-soilleir] November populace

Melissa Carter honeyfrog at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 07:10:52 PST 2008

Greetings All,

   November populace snuck up on me and so I'm getting this reminder out
several days late...I apologize.  This month sees a return to our classes
and garb.  Herr Gunthar will be teaching the long awaited inkle weaving 101
class.  He has several looms set up to represent the different stages of the
process and is looking forward to sharing one of his favorite pass times
with everyone.  Lord Brian will conclude his awards class this month, there
have been a few changes to the awards structure since he last taught so I
believe he will be including these changes.
   Because we all enjoy visiting so very much and have a tendency to be too
late to get to Jason's on time when we do classes the baroness agreed that a
pot luck would be a great idea.  So, if you want to participate please bring
a dish that will feed 4 to 5 people.  Also, email me and let me know what
you'll be bringing so we don't have 6 versions of 7 layer dip and 1 bag of
chips! (Hey, it's happened to me before).  We do have access to the kitchen
and all the tables and chairs we can use.  We just have to have the building
cleaned up and vacated by 10PM.

   Please email me anything you need to have included in the agenda for the
business/populace meeting that will being at 7:00PM before the classes
start.  So far I have:
Loch Yule
BAM (Bordermarch Autumn Melees)
Crown Tourney
Officer Reports (guild principals please remember to send your guild reports
to Master Galen so he can include your information in his officer report)
blurb about the goings on in your office to the chronicler by the end of
this week so she can get that information into the Serpent's Tale.  This is
not just a news letter but a report on the state of the barony that gets
sent to the kingdom chronicler and the crown.  It is vital that they see we
are an active healthy group.  A&S is the thing that keeps the SCA a tax free
not for profit and any A&S article that we include not only supports this
not for profit status by proving we are "an educational" group it shows what
an awesome and rich A&S community the Loch has.  I challenge some of our
laurels and irises out there lurking in the group to send in an article on
your speciality!!!   Dust off your brain cells (or your research papers) and
send something in to loch.chronicler at gmail.com.

Remember to wear your garb!!

I step off my box and look forward to seeing you all this Tuesday,
Hedwig, seneschal

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