[Loch-soilleir] Poll question #2

Diana Steelquist baroness_cateau at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 10 10:11:14 PDT 2009

Option #1 please.
Annual championships.  I think more people should be given the opportunity to our baronial champions.  Why limit it to one person the entire time the B&B serve?  B&B serve anywhere from 3 to 5 plus years.  That puts a lot of responsibility on just a chosen few.  There needs to be more opportunities for displays of valor and skill, not less.  Most groups are already hosting the minimum of events now.  Maybe just a change in format is needed for each competition.


And for the record - I do not like the hosting of the Loch's baronial championship in conjunction with Stargate's.  Too much muddying of the waters.  We need to maintain a separate identity and prestige.

My 2 cents,

Cateau d'Ardennes
"Deeds not words"

> 1) I like the current yearly championships.
> 2) I think we can do without any "champions".
> 3) I think the champions should be chosen once at the Baronial investiture and the champions should serve through the B & B's tenure.? If they can not complete the full term, we Can hold a championship for that one champion.
> Thanks!
> William

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