[Loch-soilleir] Serpentine Pursuivant (Loch Herald)

Serpentine Pursuivant lochherald at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 13:29:19 PDT 2009

Good Gentles,
     As was announced at Populace last night, I will be stepping from the
office when my warrant is up at Red Tape/King's Round Table in July.  If you
are interested in the officeoh Loch Herald, please contact me at
lochherald at gmail.com.  It is not a difficult office and can be a lot of
fun.  I will work with you in order to make the transition as smooth as
possible.  If you are interested in becoming a deputy, please contact me
     Also, do not be intimidated because of the Court/Vocal Heraldry
aspect.  The Book Herald DOES NOT have to be the Baronial Court Herald.

In Service,
Serpentine Pursuivant

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