[Loch-soilleir] A&S Competition at the May 2nd Loch Soilleir & Stargate Baronial

Wyllow MacMuireadhaigh wyllowmacm at netscape.net
Thu Apr 23 20:56:53 PDT 2009

Greetings unto the Artisans and Scholars of Ansteorra!

It has come to my attention that the theme of the A&S Competition for  
the Loch/Stargate event on May 2nd has been kept too well a secret!

We realize that Ansteorra's artisans tend to dabble in things outside  
the areas for which they have word-fame.  A wooden box here, a scroll  
there, a bit of embroidery on a sleeve.  In order to encourage this  
dalliance, and to even the field for newer artisans, our theme is:

----------------------------"Anything you are NOT known for."  

What does this mean?

Well, if Loch & Stargate's recognized artisans will indulge me, I  
will borrow them as examples:
- You know you will not have to compete against Madog's marvelous  
mead, nor Simone's wondrous weaving.
- Loch Soilleir's Mistress Rhiannan (of Middle Eastern Dance fame)  
might enter a Norse woven piece.
- Stargate's Mistress Isabeau (of Costuming fame) might enter an  
illuminated scroll.

So, artisans, look through your side projects for something to  
enter.  We will be using Kingdom Judging forms, so you will receive  
feedback on your entry.  Winners will be chosen by a combination of  
your score on the forms, Populace choice, and Baronial preference.

If you have never entered an A&S Competition before, then you have an  
advantage: you can enter anything!

Come out and enjoy the day!

In Service to the Dreams of our Artisans and Scholars,
H.L. Willoc mac Muiredaig

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