[Loch-soilleir] Thoughts To Consider for Populace Next Week

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Wed Aug 12 09:55:43 PDT 2009

Master Modius
Well stated and to the point
This problem only emphasizes the point that growth within our Barony has  
stagnated.  Their is no one person responsible but many contributing  
 The economy and gas prices
 The loss of the SCA's presence at Rennfaire and it's mailing  list. 
 The burn out rate of using and abusing those officers that do  volunteer 
to take an office or multiple offices.  Those old timers who  don't play at 
the Baronial level but want only to play at the Kingdom level ( I  never have 
understood that one) 
and those like me who went in to the SCA full of bright eyes and lofty  
ideals, worked their butts off and got slammed for their efforts. 
There are even some (like my knight) who says that the SCA has become so  
politically correct  that it isn't fun anymore.  Translation- No more  good 
parties at events.
Is it a leadership issue?  I don't know
Is it populace issue?  I don't know  
But it is an issue.
Granted- I don't make more than 3 to 4 populace meetings a year but I know  
there are more members in the Loch that the same 10 to 12 that go to the  
meetings every time I do show up. Surely there are more than the 2-3 knights 
or  Dons that are at the meetings.  Where are the Laurels ?
I can honestly say that anytime someone  needed  my help  within the Barony 
or Kingdom, I would gladly give my time and effort to the best  of my 
resources and ability.  I have never denied anybody but they  had to ask.  
Perhaps there are others  in the Barony who feel the same way I do.
I for one will be at the populace meeting.  I will speak my mind  if asked, 
although it probably will ruffle a lot of feathers.
Baron Bors
Baron Loch  Soillier
Malleus et Deus
PS  Might be worth the effort to find as many email addresses  as  possible 
and send your announcement out to those not on the list. I will forward  
your email to those emails addressesI have.

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elanghans at khou.com writes:

Will you  be at populace?  You should.  I would like to put out a thought 
for  consideration and discussion.  

There are some critical issues  impacting the health and well-being of our 

It has become  critically hard to find replacements for any and all of our 
required offices  (Seneschal, Treasurer, Hospitaler, Chronicler, Herald, A&S 
and/or Marshal  (Rapier and/or Chivalric).  That is 7-8 officers.

It has become  critically hard to find ER deputies for any and all of our 
required officer  (Seneschal, Treasurer, Hospitaler, Chronicler, Herald, A&S 
and/or Marshal  (Rapier and/or Chivalric).  That is 7-8 ER Deputy Officers.

It has  become critically hard to find folks to Steward and/or Cater our 
required  Baronial events. 2 Events.

It has become critically hard to find folks  to Steward and/or Cater our 
additional Baronial events. 1-2  events.

There is a lot of officer hat passing; one officer stepping  down only to 
take up a new office because no one wanted to take  it.

Let's do the math.  7 required officers + 7 ER Deputies to  those officers 
= 14 officer.  Plus 2-3 Stewards + 2-3  Caterers.

Sooooooo.....here is the question.  Take a deep  breath.

Has the time come to pack it in and move from Barony to  Shire.  If you do 
this you are only required to fill 3 offices;  (Seneschal, Treasurer, and 
one of the following Herald, A&S and/or Marshal  (Rapier and/or Chivalric).

If you do not think we should become a  Shire, NOW is time to step up and 
take an office or a ER deputy  position.  I did my part.  Aside from my 
duties as a Director on the  Board of SCA, Inc., yesterday I spoke with Wissa to 
become one of her Knight  Marshal Deputies. I also pledge to put my 
application in for that office if  and when it opens up fo apps. 

What office will you take? 

Or  should we become a Shire? 

See you next Tues for a lively  discussion.  Please come.  If you only come 
once per year, come to  the next populace.

Master Modius von Mergentheim, OL, OP, WSA, CSS,  Baron, Lion
Proud Loch Subject 

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