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Please do not ever think any question is offensive.  We are a very informal group (more like family) and we like to have new friends join us at our events.
Loch Yule is the best event to come to.  It is fun, informal, fun, you might learn something, fun and fun.  Do not go to great expense to fill the stockings.  We usually have about 60 or so people and that stuffs the stockings very quickly.  We may, depending on the weather, have period golf, a boar hunt (the boar being one of our fighters and we get to throw a spear at them then run like crazy to get away), maybe a class or two depending on if someone wants to teach one, food.   Once we had period golf inside with an interesting obstacle course.  A dessert competition with sometimes the children judging, sometimes the old people judging, sometimes the newcomers judging.  You never know.

Kathy Cofrin

Baroness Katya

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Dear kind and forgiving Loch,

If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you mention when the Coastal Invasion is, having not made the last Populace and not finding info on web.

Also, is the Loch Yule still happening? Home page has it on Sat. Dec. 12th. I have not seen a recent mention and the web calendar page does not show it. I may be looking in the wrong area. What is essential information for a new-to-area attendee? I hold a very minor support position to our hospitaler, but I still do not know more than four of your kind gentles. I understand there should be little "gifts" for each "stocking". How many would that be? Do I bring a stocking, since no one will really know me?

I would completely understand if this a closed Christmas party, more suited to long-standing members. Makes more sense since everyone knows everyone. I would not want to encroach. 

Please forgive any offense... I do not mean to offend, nor am I trying to make waves or "start anything."  I just need some blunt answers for my calendar and gift planning, a sharp blade is always less painful. I will not be offended by ANY response. 

Your humble servant,
Kathryn Gyles
(still not a Lady!)
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