[Loch-soilleir] Chiv on the rise.

swordfrog swordfrog at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 21:03:22 PDT 2009

Good gentiles of our fair barony,

At populace this very evening I had the pleasure of announcing that we have
at least three souls who have found their way in our lands and would like to
learn the noble fighting arts. I have verbal confirmation that at least one
young man will be at the next fighter practice and will be in need of a full
set of chivalric loaner gear for the evening. I believe he said he would try
and bring friends as well. The dept knight martial has been made aware of
all 3 possible gentiles.  So I humbly ask those chiv fighters who can attend
this coming Tuesday  to attend, and IF you have gear to loan these gentles
please bring that as well.

Gunthar Waldmann.

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