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An alternate route for the folks from the Loch - use if you wish...
Take Hwy 288 towards Angelton.  Take the FM 1462 exit (Brazos Bend and George Obsoveratory exit).  Turn right.  Take 1462 past the Brazos Bend Park Road (last chance for convenience stores).  FM 1462 will turn/curve to the left.  There is a road at that turn/curve.  Brumbelow Road   Will be on your right after the turn/curve.  Turn right on Brumbelow Road and the site will be on your left half a mile or so from FM 1462.

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Greetings from Baroness Neassa, event steward for the combined Loch/Stargate event this weekend.

I have several bits of information I would like to pass on. Hopefully some of it will be of interest to you. :)

1) The site is fine. The water has drained and we shouldn't have any problems from all of our fine weather lately. 

2) Getting to the site - taking the Crabb River Road exit off Hwy 59.
     The directions in the Black Star look SCARY and in reality it is not difficult to find. You go south on Crabb River Road until you run out of road at a T-intersection, which is 14.5 miles later. Crabb River Road will change names on you several times, but you don't need to do a thing except keep driving. :) Then of course you take a left for one mile and turn left again on Brumbelow Road. It has a great big sign, so you shouldn't miss it.

3) This event is in the BOONIES. Seriously. When I drove out there recently (from Stargate) I noticed that you have about one mile of civilization after you leave Hwy 59 on Crabb River Road, and then there are NO MORE STORES OF ANY KIND all the way to site. If you need gas or ice or ANYTHING, you must get it near Hwy 59.

4) There is a STARBUCK'S at the Crabb River Road exit of 59, in the shopping center on the northeast side of the intersection. It's not right there on the corner, it's a bit further along on the 59 side, but if you are heading south on 59 you'll see it right away as you exit.

5) There is a new BUCC-EE'S actually on Crabb River Road, just a little south of Hwy 59. There are also several major brand gas stations around. Just don't go past one mile, or you're on your own...

6) HL Lorraine has said it's okay to bring your dog to this event, as long as you clean up after him. :) Bring your dogs! :)

7) Being somewhat of a 'realistic' event steward, I have arrived at the following event schedule. It is subject to change at the whim of any number of people, just like at every event you've ever attended in your life.

  Friday - site opens at 6:00 pm


     9:00 - armor inspection begins for the rapier and chivalric lists
     10:00 - Opening Court
     10:30ish - The Rapier and Chivalric lists begin (after opening court)
     12:00ish - The Archery and Equestrian lists begin
     4:00 (or so) - Archery range available for IKAC
     6:00 - Court
     After court, so probably around 7:00 or 7:30 - Feast

  Sunday - site closes at noon

8) Yes, we're having an A&S competition, and children's activities. Those times will be available at Gate.

9) Feast will be prepared by HL Mea Passavante and her crew. She's making Greek food for us. Feast fee is $7. Come enjoy the fine dinner with us!

10) Camping is available on site, but Friday and Saturday nights. We'll have port-a-potties on site, and water is available, but we don't have any showers set up. We are also expecting plenty of mosquitoes... sorry, but I've got to be honest here. Bring your bug spray. We'll also have cans of bug repellent for use at Gate, and also by each of the port-o-potties.

11) Water bearing information: I'm not planning on having organized water bearing for this event. Sir Alexis, my Watery Goddess of the Loch, will be keeping the large water coolers full of icy cold water throughout the day. We'll have coolers at the list field, the archery field, the equestrian field, and also at children's activities. We might even let the cook have one or two. ;) Every person will be given a sport-top water bottle when they register at the Gate. Please use your own water bottle, and refill it frequently throughout the day. Or, you could just go by and put some water in your mug or cup. Just an idea...

12) Yes, the title for that position was chosen before Sir Alexis offered to take the job.

I'll see you at the event!

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