[Loch-soilleir] Event Poll #4

Galen of Ockham loch.moas at gmail.com
Thu May 7 21:43:39 PDT 2009

Bill Butler scripsit:
> Here is the next poll!
> For A&S events, would you prefer:
> 1)  Formal Judged Events   Example - Kingdom A&S
> 2)  Judged  with discussions with the judges while the judging is being done.  Example - Laurel's Prize Tourney
> 3) Colleges
> 4)  All the above since they each have their place  (I learned from the last poll...)
(sent to the list as I have what I think is a novel idea)

Of course, the politically correct answer is 4, however, for me
personally 3.
People in the A&S community usually love to teach. You can reach lots of
people in a College setting and get more information out than at a
judged event (people will sit through a class whereas they may not read
detailed documentation). Plus, Colleges allow a larger variety of topics
than an A&S display. I have 3 classes I'm doing at King's College, none
of which easily lend themselves to a judged A&S venue. How about this
for another idea - a judged College? Have secret judges attend classes
and rate the instructor on their style, presentation, handouts, visual
aids, etc, and have a best educator award.

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