[Loch-soilleir] [Ravensfort] To Middle Eastern drummers and dancers...

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Oh Oh Oh I am interested too :) and Mondays works great, so if we can maybe get some directions?? 


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My apologies to anyone who receives this multiple times from different lists.  I'm attempting to reach all interested parties.

As I am the Coastal Regional Herald, (until the end of August) I am sometimes required to attend various Populace Meetings, which are mostly on Monday nights.  So my preference would usually be for Wednesday nights.  However, I have something else planned for Wednesday night next week, so, Monday night at Simone's from 7:00pm until 9:00pm sounds good to me for our first meeting, as long as that is still OK with Simone.  Please contact Simone privately for directions.

Gwen and I are willing to host most, if not all of the time, starting Wednesday, 7/28/2010.  7:00pm sounds like a good start time.  We can play until about 10:00pm at
 our house if we last that long.  We live outside the Houston city limits, inside Harris County.  I have been told by the Sheriff's Office, when I called at midnight about one of our neighbors, that there is no noise ordinance in our area; that they would ask them to turn it down; but they could not issue any citations for it.  I don't think our neighbors will complain as long as we shut it down by 10:00pm.  We live off of SH249 at Breen, which is inside the Beltway in the NW Houston area.

We can talk about locations and times further when we get together Monday, 7/19/10, 7:00pm, at Simone's.

Since it looks like there is going to be enough interest, I will set up a Yahoo Group for us to keep in touch.  I will send out invitations to everyone who has expressed interest, once I have it set up.

Thanks to all of you for the enthusiastic response!


Herr Dietrich
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also - Robert prefers Wednesdays to Mondays if we host at our house.

> only if Dietrich is willing to drive that far since he's the one who got this whole thing started.
> regards,
> Simone
>> So, Simone's this upcoming Monday July 19th, 7-9?
>> Simone, thanks for offering to host... if you don't want to post your addres
>> here I would be happy to organize private email invites to all the respondents.
>> Doom Ka-Doom-Ka,
>> Cormac

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