[Loch-soilleir] Populace notes- June meeting 2010

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Sat Jun 19 22:20:02 PDT 2010

Here are my notes from the meeting - please feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments. 
I know many more people had comments - if I left out your name and or comment, or misstated anything, I apologize and will try to take more copious notes in July!  I also did not include titles in order to streamline the notes. 
Thank you!  
In Service- Rhiannon
June Populace Meeting Notes:
1.  Welcome - Caelan
2.  Loctoberfest Discussion- (long discussion so pardon the length of the notes!)

Confirmation of William and Katja as Event Stewards and Brian McCael and his lady, Aerin, as Feast Stewards.

Some discussion on the site- general consensus was that Camwood would be the best considering the melees and other activities offered that William described.

Discussion on should there be a nobles luncheon and what it should be and if we should sell sausages like last year.  It was suggested that we sell sausages to everyone (if this is to be a fund raiser, additional discussion is necessary), have something else for the nobles luncheon, and then open the luncheon to the populace.  Magdelana noted that we will need a bigger grill/grills than her small one - need to post a request for help from the Barony on bringing grills to the event.  

We need someone to coordinate the nobles luncheon - will post again in a separate post to the list.

Discussion over the idea of a Royals gift basket- received positively by the populace- Rhi asked for handmade items, such a woven trim that could then be given out as largess by the Crown, and volunteered to make some of the trim.  Ebegardis has since volunteered to be in charge of the Royals gift basket.  Magdelana suggested a picnic basket as another good idea to give the Royals.

Site tokens- small mugs either cast in pewter or bought ones (such as plastic shot glass mugs) were mentioned.

Madog will post on the list later information about the brewing contest (#2) - the idea of prizes were brought up for that and for the Champions.

Boxes were discussed as the main prizes for the champions
3.  Baronial Summer Party - William volunteered his house for a get together for the Barony.  Dates were discussed and August 14th was decided upon. 
4.  Baronial Project and Prep Get-Together- A 6x6 banner of the Baronial arms was decided on as this summer's project.  A work party on July 24 was also decided on - location yet to be determined. 
5.  Loch/Stargate Baronials-Cael discussed our spring event and noted that we were waiting to see the decision on the Rose Tourney before moving forward on our event, and went over the possibilities currently being talked about. 
6.  Guild/Officers Reports 

Senechal- Mairi was on vacation, so her deputy, Brian, filled in for her.

Treasurer- Katya was also on vacation, so Caelan filled in for her.

Marshallate-  Brian reported that we are having practices, rapier consistently, and turned in the waivers for May.

Hospitaler-Si'le inghean noted that she will be getting a formal deputy soon.

Chronicler- Onora noted that due to a family emergency, the newsletter was not sent out, and will resume soon.

Minister of A&S- Madog reminded the populace of the upcoming King's College next weekend in Stargate.  There was a show of hands of people teaching at that event.  Brian reminded everyone that Scribal Guild is the 4th Monday of every month.  Rhi discussed the upcoming Middle Eastern Dance practice this Sunday, the 20th.  Willow talked about the sheep to shawl that is ongoing at Fiber Arts, held every Monday at her house and discussed her class at King's College, noting that it will be the last time she holds it for a while due to her upcoming move.

Virtual Scribe - Anne noted that the web site was updated.
7.  Misc. -  William informed the populace that he had good info on a site for a day event, such as Queen's Champion.  Penelope also talked about possible sites for the future. 
8.  Award Recs-Caelan and Rhi both asked everyone to please recommend people for awards.  There are many great things people do in the Barony and they should be acknowledged! 
9.  End of Meeting - adjourned to Jason's Deli. 


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