[Loch-soilleir] Fiber Arts

Wyllow MacMuireadhaigh wyllowmacm at netscape.net
Mon Mar 1 16:17:45 PST 2010

Greetings unto the Artisans & Scholars of the Loch!

Only a fortnight remains until we march for war!  Are your stockings  
knitted?  Are your tunics mended? Have you patched your chainmail, re- 
laced your vambraces, oiled your leathers against rain?

If you need some company in these endeavors, bring them over to the  
Un-Finished Objects meeting!  We meet every Monday (except when we  
are at war) starting at 7:00pm, at Willoc's house - 207 Sweetgum,  
League City.  The focus for the next two weeks is - obviously -  
preparations for war.
For those not going to war, come and pity all those who are.

--H.L. Willoc mac Muiredaig

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