[Loch-soilleir] Loch Soilleir Food Group possibly tentative schedule

Rebecca Bevel rebevel at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 8 14:56:49 PST 2010

Tentative schedule.  

Please let Their Excellencies or me know if (I screwed up and) something needs to be fixed.  





William & Lessa 
Alexis & Dalan
Anton - Indian dinner for HRM, et al
Would appreciate a little help with prep if anyone's available
Rebecca & Galen 
Drake & Wissa
Brandon & Elfwyn
Neassa & Theresa & Katya
Kelsey & Julian
We could use some help breaking down & packing the kitchen Saturday; please plan dinner accordingly. 
BREAKFAST:  Is not really part of the food group, but Katya & her Krewe will be cooking Tues - Saturday.  There will be a donation jar.  I believe that Belle, Kate and Caitlin will be helping Katya cook.  
DISH WASHING:  I haven't made a schedule for washing dishes because this group usually does a great job of pitching in.  Please remember that for every meal there are dishes.  Our Eastern guests have offered to help with this, but we all need to take a turn (or two) so no one gets stuck doing it all. 



Remember that we are cooking for 31 people.  That's why we have two groups listed for the evenings toward the end of the war, ideally that means no one will get over loaded.  

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