[Loch-soilleir] Gullf Wars Camping

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I imagine I will be arriving on Sunday Lord willing and the creek dont rise.  I am traveling with Alexis 
so it might even be as late as Monday.  And yes, I'll be wearing the Sgt's hat. 

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When will you be at GW?  Still commanding the Blue Co when Alexis is not there?
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ey John,
I didnt see my name in there .... Loch Solleir, Will Findley, Dallan of the Loch

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ello John.
m pretty sure I emailed you  but just in case I didn't:
ch  Narkissa Vladimirovna Kate Cofrin
ch  Avatar Al Cofrin
e are both preregistered.
athy Cofrin
aroness Katya
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te: Thursday, March 4, 2010, 4:59 PM
lease check the lest below to assure I have your information for camping at
lf Wars.  If you have not preregistered, you are not guaranteed land in
steorra.  We do not know what land we will have and will probably not know
til my early on deputy, Adolf the Bear, arrives.
 you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at this email
dress or at 713.896.0026
E ihon vinson macFergus, OL
astal Land Steward
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nivan  Loch Drake James Dunivan  Loch Tristan von Heildelberg Scott Jakl
ch Modius von Mergentheim Eric Langhans  Loch Caelan McRob Clint Lively
ch Rhiannon verch Bryan Virginia Lively  Loch Caelena McRob
och Wyllow Mac Muirteadhaigh Wendy Otte  Loch Belle Belle Otte  Loch Bors
 Lothian Thomas Erwin  Loch
cholas Erwin  Loch   Joe Abatacola  Loch Michael of Gravesend Michael
wdy  Loch Elfwyn the Dane Victoria Winbow  Loch  Brian O hUilliam Bryan
tler  Loch Jason MacPherson Jason Lee  Loch William Wescot Welewen Bill
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lsey  Loch Matthew Armold Julian

Loch-East Thyra Eiriksdottir                              Karen Veale
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orzalek  Loch-East Marguerite inghean Lachlainn    Kathy Journeay
ch-East Edward Grey Jared Buzby  Loch-East Lachlann
ahem                          Chris Chaney
arice of Lochleven                       Lynne Chaney  Loch-East Eoghan
stard mac Lachlainn   Matt Adwin  Loch-East Cezilia
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bbard  Loch-East Armor

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iffin  Seawinds Romana De La Garza Estella Boyes  Seawinds Tristan de
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bastian Leofwine of Somersaetum Wayne Law  St. Sebastian Ciarnat
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ynn  Stargate Dudley
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