[Loch-soilleir] Coastal Rapier at Gulf Wars

Brian O'hUilliam brianoftheloch at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 15:06:48 PDT 2010

  I would like thank all those who fought with the Coastal Region in the
rapier melees at Gulf Wars XIX.

  Lord Collwyn O'Snowdon of Stargate fought in both the Field and Ravine
Battles and showed well.  He was a true soldier, following and executing
orders well.  Well done!
  Don Corvin Fenarro of Stargate joined us it the Field Battle and was a
rock.  He survived when our line was torn apart by Atlantia and AEthelmearc
and lived on to terrorize Atlantian White Scarves!
  Baron Godwin of Eddington of Stargate fought with Coastal in the Field
battle and stood as an impediment to any who would face him and grealty
helped to reinforce our lines, not just with his skill, but also with great
experience in melee.
  Baron William Wescott of Welewen, Lord of Loch Soilleir fought in the
Field Battle and followed orders as a true Ansteorran, keeping our shields
steady against the foe.
  Don Caelan MacRob of Loch Soilleir fought with Coastal in the Field , but
was pulled away in the Ravine to serve his Kingdom elsewhere.  Don Cael
fought well and kept our line strong against an onslaught of Trimarin
  Lord Zane ap Simonn of Barony Bordermarch reinforced our lines in the
Field Battle and fought hard to keep our line as stable as possible when met
by 2 giants of the rapier field: Atlantia and AEthelmearc.
  Count Simmon of Amber Isles, Baron Bordermarch, kept our flank stable in
the Field Battle.  He stood with Lord Zane to keep me, as commander,
informed and able to make decisions for the regional unit.  A difficult and
necessary job.
  Tristan de Fontaine of Seawinds fought in his Gulf War Ravine Battle and
worked to fill in gaps, keeping possession of the flags in the hands of
  Sewalis of Barony Bordermarch also fought in his first Gulf War Ravine
Battle and CONSTANTLY kept coming to fill in gaps as neccesary
reinforcements, taking direction from myself and Baron Facon, Lieutenant
  Lord Chrestian Brue of Barony Bordermarch was another first timer to the
Gulf War Ravine Battle, but did not act like it.  He and Sewalis teamed up
to keep our lines strong and Lord Chrestian even worked to flank the enemy,
sending them back to rez point.
  Baron Thorland O'Shea of Graywood was absolutely instrumental in the Field
Battle.  As an experienced commander, he helped me realize what I needed to
do.  While legged, Don Shea acted as a lookout and gave me direction.  His
help was truly invaluable.

  I would also like to congratulate Duke Ulsted the Unsteady of Loch
Soilleir and Don Caelan MacRob for their respective victories in the Rapier
Champions Battle.

If I missed anyone, I sincerely apologize.  I have not yet fully recovered
from the trip.  Thank you all for your support.

In Service,
Brian O'hUilliam
Cadet to Don Brian MacCael
Coastal Rapier Commander-Gulf Was XIX

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