[Loch-soilleir] Lochtoberfest Lost & Found

Clint Lively cllively at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 27 19:09:45 PDT 2010

Good Gentles,

I sincerely hope all who attended Lochtoberfest had a wonderful time.  If you missed it, you missed incredible arts and sciences, inspired bardic (in competition, at feast, and long into the night), more fighting than the law allows in some states, Lochtoberball with steel belted pumpkins that were in turn flung from a trebuchet just to be sure they all got good and smashed.  You missed a Court and Lauraling so beautiful, it made the sky weep.  You missed rubbing shoulders with your Crown, their Heirs, and King UlfR of Drachenwald that traveled all the way from the Shire of Adamastor (that's Cape Town, South Africa for you Visigoths) just to have a beer with the Loch Brewer's Guild.  You missed a great day in Ansteorra.

I've heard tales of young lords that, upon having a fine time courting a lady, would leave a random item at her abode so that he would have excuse to call on her again without seeming too forward.  "Excuse me dear lady, I fear that I may have left my coach keys at your father's hall.  If it wouldn't be too much trouble, might I return to retrieve them, per chance on Friday around 8:00ish?"

Well good news, you are always welcome in Loch Soilleir and you don't have to leave your stuff to have an excuse to come back.  So if you happened to "forget" any of the following items, please contact me so we can make arrangements for your items return.

- ~3' piece of PVC pipe, painted red with several holes drilled in it (I think this might be part of an equestrian course)

- Rattan sword, black duck tape with red striking surface and thrusting tip, plastic basket hilt

- black nylon camp chair with grey edging.  It has a red and black piece of inkle woven trim or belt in the cup holder.

- large glass mug (did have beer in it, but the bugs drank it all)

- small glass beaker with rings etched around it

- large brass candle holder

- suede bag/purse with flowers embroidered on the strap.  Contains a box of pencils/crayons/markers and some coloring books

- metal mug with brass trim and handle.  Has 2 rings of colored "gems" around the top and the bottom.

- black elbow/knee pad

- black plastic half gauntlet

- red glass candle holder (bowl)

I'll be at plenty of events between now and Thanksgiving, so anything not claimed by BAM will be painted to look like relics belonging to Irish monks and left somewhere in the general vicinity of Bjornsborg, it gives the old Vikings living around their something to do to keep them of the streets.  

Contact me at cllively at yahoo.com 

I Remain,
Don Cael MacRob
Baron of Loch Soilleir


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