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When is the competition held?  I am very busy until the end of May.  After that, I could work on some insignia.  What do you need/  I can do Iris' quickly.  I have handouts on the insignia.

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I would like to start a pile of insignia from Loch for this competition.
Right now I have three Star of Merit ribbons.  Anyone else working on any
other insignia?    There is a handout by Mistress Stella that I tried to
attach to this email.  If it didn't go though contact me off list and I'll
send it to you.


PS  here is what Radegund sent to the Ansteorran list in case anyone wants
to see it.

Insignia Competition at Coronation

There will be an insignia competition from 10am to whenever the hall
needs to be cleared for court and feast.

All insignia artisans, please bring your pieces to the competition tables
starting at 10am and fill out a 3x5 card with your name/s and media of your

Largesse will be given to:
*the individual or group who submits the largest quantity of well
crafted insignia
*the artisans whose single pieces are chosen for the following categories:
-metal    -glass/clay    -textile     -horn/bone/wood      -Leather
-Other Media

The populace is also encouraged to leave largesse.

All insignia will be donated to the Kingdom.

Please come celebrate and appreciate the wonderful insignia that the
generous, talented artisans of Ansteorra contribute to the Kingdom.

(FYI, what we're lowest in right now are Sable Talons and Centurion and Star
of Merit ribbons.)

For insignia-related questions, you may contact Mistress Radegund at
clternus at sbcglobal dot net

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