[Loch-soilleir] Defenders of the Rose - Populace Lunch and Reading of the Banns

Willoc macMuiredaig wyllowmacm at netscape.net
Tue Apr 19 08:10:41 PDT 2011

The reading of the Banns of Marriage between Don Maelgwynn Dda of the  
Barony of
Bryn Gwlad and H.L. Willoc mac Muiredaig of the Barony of Loch  
Soilleir will be
done at the Defenders of the Rose.

The tradition of reading Banns is to announce an impending marriage  
to the
parishes of both parties.   Our actual wedding ceremony will be small  
mundane, so this is our opportunity to share our joy with you, our  
friends in
the SCA.

Our mundane parishes follow a strict tradition of "we meet, we eat."   
as the Banns are read, we will invite the populace to join us for a  
luncheon in
the Late Roman style, prepared by Lord Alfred Huddlestone,  
apprenticed to
Mistress Clarissa de la Firenze.  The planned menu is as follows:
- Mini bread loaves with Savory Toasted Cheese
- Roast Brisket, marinated and shish-kabobed
- Sautèd Mushrooms and Onions
- Pickled and marinated Vegetables
- Mixed Fruit salad
- A Dessert of Dates

Be assured that, while we both take the religious significance  
seriously, the
banns are not required nor restricted by our mundane church, and we  
are more
interested in the historical affect on the community - that is, the  
& approval by our local "baronial parishes" of this marriage.  NO  
long ceremony is
planned - just an announcement & food.

In Service to the Dream,
H.L. Willoc mac Muiredaig

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