[Loch-soilleir] Bardic

ledonna mcgowan ledmcgowan at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 07:07:48 PDT 2011

Greetings all,

I just wanted to let those that are interested that I have not forgotten
about starting up bardic but the past weekends have been full.  First with
the most wonderful joint baronials, then the Bod meeting (I was testing that
weekend), now it's Easter (have a happy one) and next week my mother is
coming into town from my 15th year service award dinner and Pasadena
Philharmonic Concert on Sunday.  (If anyone is interested in a good
afternoon of music at a very reasonable price contact me about the

To sum it up, bardic is not forgotten and the recorders are ready to be
learned, but it will be after Defender of the Roses at the earliest.


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