[Loch-soilleir] Lochtoberfest Important Notice Please Read

ledonna mcgowan ledmcgowan at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 08:22:21 PDT 2011

I forgot to add the brewing contest that is sponsored by Centurion Madog of

There will be two categories - Open and Newcomer (call it brewing for less
than a year of less than half a dozen batches - we'll sort it out at the
event...).  Beer, mead, wine, and cider are all acceptable - sorry, due to
site restrictions no cordials or hard alcohol. Documentation is not required
but is certainly accepted.



On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 9:10 PM, ledonna mcgowan <ledmcgowan at gmail.com>wrote:

> Greetings to All,
> This Saturday brings joy and laughter to Loch Soilleir and we wish to share
> it with as many as can come to our barony.   There are some changes that
> have been made to the site because of the recent fires and I want to make
> sure that everyone was aware of them.
> 1.  There are to be NO FLAMES of any kind on site.  In accordance to the
> County Burn Ban, we are to have no flames at all.  That includes smoking.
> We are sorry for the inconvenience but support the site manager in this.
> Having gone to coronation last weekend and seeing the destruction en route,
> I can't fault this at all.
> 2.  This is a *primitive site*.  Normally, Camwood has some amenities but
> not this weekend.  There is NO running water and NO electricity. We are
> bringing water in for the populace but please plan accordingly.
> 3. This event will only take place on Saturday.  Because of the site
> condition and no camping, we will be closing the site at 8pm.
> *Tentative Schedule*
> *Morning*
> 8:00am Gate opens
> 9:00 morning court
> Rapier and armored melees starting after court
> Titled A&S to start after morning court as well
> Titled Bardic sign up to take place after morning court with performances
> to take place in the afternoon
> Archery will take place during the day come and enjoy this fun shoot.
> HL Sarra Asshton of York, Coastal Regional Exchequer, will teach a
> financial policy class during the day
> *Afternoon *
> Cut and Thrust Trials
> Pumpkin Ball
> Titled Bardic performances
> Evening meal to start between 4:30 and 5:00 (limited to 50)
> Evening Court
> 8:00pm Site Closes
> We are hosting a fund raiser for those affected by the fires in this area.
> There will be sweets on sale during the day so please come hungry and enjoy.
> I remain in service,
> HL Delphina de Champeaux
> Steward for Lochtoberfest

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