[Loch-soilleir] Lochtoberfest III

ledonna mcgowan ledmcgowan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 09:08:15 PDT 2011

Unto the good populace,

What an amazing time we had yesterday!  I have a lot of people to thank and
had nightmares last night about forgetting someone so first and foremost I
would like to thank everyone who helped before during and after the event as
well as everyone who attended yesterday. The second part of the nightmare
was misspelling everyone's name or getting titles wrong, so in advance I

A huge thank you to:
To Their Excellencies Rhiannon and Caelin, your support and guidance was
HG Ebergardis for taking over the whole feast, and making it so tasty when
we had to change plans because of the burn ban and site problems.  I believe
that I heard some talk about getting together to share recipes in the near
HG Ulsted for helping get the site and taking care of the trailer.
Thank both you for making sure there was water for everyone as well.
HE Katya for all the help with gate and helping with the serving line as
well as all help with the ACCEPTS set up.
Ld Penelope for taking care of all our newcomers and setting up a
hospitality and hydration station. ( I believe that HE Caelin was honored to
pay for 9 new people who were at their first event yesterday.)
St. Sebastian for hosting (setting up/taking down/ having lots of fun for
everyone there) an archery shoot at the last minute because of my mistakes.
You are wonderful!!!
Ld Kathrine and her lord husband for making some wonderful crafts with the
children.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time.  I loved the kite.
HL Maggie for the beautiful art work for the Black Star ad and hosting the
bake sale for those in the area who were hit by the recent fires.
Centurion Eleanor and Don Pieter for some very fun melees and the cut and
thrust trials.
Master Timur for taking care of the A&S competition and the beautiful pass
down  pouch.
Mistress Sara for the beautiful scrolls for bardic and a&s winners.  They
will be treasured.
HL Madog for hosting a brewing contest and pumpkin ball
HL Maggie, HL Lessa, Ld Kathrine,  lords Wolf and Andres (Drew) for taking
care of gate for me.
HE William for being a true problem solver with opening and closing site for
us.  You saved the day.

Mostly thank you to those who saw something that needed to be done and did
it without me know about it.  Your wonderful.

I remain in Service,
HL Delphina de Champeaux
Steward for Lochtoberfest III

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