[Loch-soilleir] Thank yous and Congratulations!

Virginia Lively vdlively at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 16 20:15:37 PDT 2011

I am sorry this is a bit belated, but Caelan and I wanted to thank everyone that helped make Loctoberfest a success, despite the site restrictions placed upon our event.  Our steward, Delphina, did a great job not only in stewarding the event, but hyping it up on the lists and Facebook beforehand.  Thank you to everyone who worked Gate, made the prizes (Madog and Tristan did a wonderful job on the boxes!), heralded for us (thank you your Excellency William!) and did everything that makes an event run, from taking out the trash to passing out the bottles of water to those in need.  Thanks too to Ebegardis who made our German plate feast  in a week!!  Our Barony is awesome, and we are so proud to represent the Loch!
Speaking of Her Grace Ebegardis, at Lions yesterday she was announced to the Order of the Pelican!  Congratulations to her!  She will hold vigil and be elevated at Bordermarch Autumn Melees this fall.
Thank you again to everyone for their hard work and dedication to our Barony!
Vivat the Loch!

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