[Loch-soilleir] Lochtoberfest Thanks

Virginia Lively vdlively at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 4 16:39:26 PST 2012

Thank you to the everyone who helped put on Lochtoberfest this weekend.  Thanks especially to Katya who was the autocrat, Krag for a wonderful feast, Henessy who ran gate, Sara for the lovely scrolls (and Quinn for filling them in for us at site!), Ulstead and Lorenzo who as our champions ran the melee activities (along with Tristan and Isaac), Delphina and Sabine running our A&S and Bardic competitions, William and Madog's insane bacon cookoff, Ebi for cooking the noble's repast, Nisha for taking over as Hospitalar, and the company of St. Sebastian who ran the archery activities all day.  For everyone in the Loch who helped out by sitting gate, helping serve, or doing one of a hundred things necessary for making an event be successful, Cael and I thank you profusely.  We are both so incredibly proud of the Loch!!

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