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David Anderson wrote:

> Please place this letter in any appropriate SCA/guild web sites or
> publications, as you may see fit:
> An open letter of thanks from the parents of Tristan McCord,
> By the time you read this, Tristan will have undergone a stem cell
> transplant from his mother intended to enable his body to produce
> working T-cells. If successful, it will take from 4 weeks to 6 months
> for the engraftment to take effect. He will probably be confined to the
> hospital through April and possibly into May. During our stay in the
> hospital, Tristan has developed mentally, although he has not grown
> physically; he should begin to grow again once his immune system begins
> to function.
> We wish to thank everyone who contributed to Tristan at Gulf Wars X, not
> only for their generosity but their prayers and well-wishes, as well as
> the many good people from Axemoor, Seleone and elsewhere who have kept
> us company during this ordeal with food, news, cards and prayers. As
> Solveig says, the SCA is the only place where you can travel for hours
> to arrive in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, to be
> greeted by friends you haven’t met yet. The SCA is the best extended
> family that anyone could hope for and we look forward to sharing Eirik
> Thorvaldsson’s future with each and every one of you.
> In Service,
> Lady Solveig Vanadis
> The Honorable Lord Thorvald Ingvarsson
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