ANST-Announce - Another Blackfox Memorial Auction

Sigen3 at Sigen3 at
Wed Apr 4 10:51:23 PDT 2001


The next Blackfox Memorial Auction will be held at Northern Regional Warlord.

There will be lots of great items on the tables.  If you were outbid on 
something last time, there may be another one this week, so bring your money!

If anyone would like to donate items, you can either bring them to the event, 
or get in touch with me @  sigen3 at, or call @  918 663-8438.

Here is a partial list of items:

Large cherry amber necklace
Large green amber necklace
Basket hilt
Fabric yardage
4 Large copal beads
Enameled box
Custom Banner
Custom Leatherwork

We remain in service,
Thorgrim and Sigen Northkeep
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