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Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at
Mon Apr 9 13:12:13 PDT 2001

Unto all Gentle Folk of Ansteorra, Greetings!

We send this missive to you this day to give you important information about 
the upcoming Pennsic War!

We wish to encourage all of you to pre-register if you can.  This gives our 
Kingdom more land for all of us to share, and space is at a premium, so 
every single pre-registration helps all of us!

Please pre-register as "Ansteorra" and your group name.

There will be pre-registration tables at Elfsea and Steppes in the coming 
weeks, please take advantage of them!

A web site is available for pre-registration for those of you who find this 
a more convenient way to pre-register.  The address is:  This web site should be up and running soon.

Our land grab coordinator is Her Excellency Dona Kayliegh, please feel free 
to email her with any questions you may have.  She has worked very hard 
along with others from many Kingdom's to coordinate this years Pennsic 
efforts!  Our thanks and gratitude to all of you! She can be reached at: 
Potterkd2 at

We are both proud and honored to represent Ansteorra at this 30th Pennsic 
War!  We hope to see many of you stand with Us to show the Knowne World the 
prowess and beauty that is Ansteorra!

In joy and service to Ansteorra, We remain,

Duncan, Princeps                         Larissa, Princepessa

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