ANST-Announce - Beltaine part 2

Owen owenstott at
Wed Apr 11 21:03:05 PDT 2001

 "It's time to start the music"
 The Barony Of Namron Proudly Presents
 Beltaine Games
 May 4th, 5th, and 6th A.S. XXXVI, being 2001 in the
 Common Reckoning
 etc etc ... as you have read in the first note. 
 In addition we are having a "best dressed" Spang
contest. there are four areas to be judge on.
most decorative.(pretty)
most useful. (aerodynamic when wet)
most Traditional..
and most out there..(weird)
so make yourself a stuffed frog and enter the contest.
 "It's time to get things started"
 Thank you for your time.
 Owen the Bear
 This message is brought to you today by the letters
 "ARRR" and "AYE" and the number "pieces of 8".
 Corporate funding for this project has been
 underwritten by the Al-Assani Land and Shipping
 Company, where we never give a sucker customer an
 even break.
 And by viewers like you.

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