ANST-Announce - Cleburne Demo - Thanks to all

Lisa LeChatton llechatton at
Mon Apr 23 12:20:01 PDT 2001

My thanks to all the good gentles who came.

We had a good time, everyone was "blown away" (inside joke - due to the gale 
force winds all weekend). Among the fabulous people helping:
Lady Rolanda and Lady Catherine - they taught all day;
Her Excellency, Caitrin, Lady Steppes and Lady Francesca worked PR at the 
hospitality tent and brought loads of food, books and art work.;
Andre and Dante worked all day as ground crew;
Lord Airaklee Wolf and Lady Ceinwen came over for chivalric;
Lord Bran, Lord Jason and Kim plus 3 more people came all the way from 
Midland; and
Mistress Ronna, Master Petrucio, Lord Angus and their crew from Black Oak 
Keep came over with fighting, A&S and to help with the horses.
Thanks to everyone that helped make it a great day.  Also a big thanks to 
Becky Huffman and Kim Hughes who hosted the endurance race and demo at the 

I am planning on doing this again next year. The ranch is just so pretty 
this time of year with wildflowers covering every field. They have great 
trails. The people are really nice and there were so many pretty horses that 
were in great shape.

I wish a couple more advanced riders had come to play. Lady Catherine wanted 
to do some hard riding on the trails but I am a real sissy. We did a 
midnight trail ride which was almost too much for me,  as well as a couple 
of day time rides.

Thanks again for all your help.

Lady Aimee de LongCoeur

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