MIssing Med. Faire

H.L. Grimhun Hroth (Grimmie) grimmie at cuteandcuddly.com
Wed Apr 4 15:33:17 PDT 2001

We will only be at the faire for 2 hr. There is a party at Clubcouplz
it will be a Animal House Toga Party!!!!
Lee McGoodwin wrote:

> Friends,
>     I see everyone getting parking passes and know
> that everyone is getting ready for three days of
> tiring, but fun, work at the Med. Faire.  I feel as
> though I am neglecting my job by not assisting.  I
> hope others will fill-in walking the ropes and talking
> with the crowds.
>     I hope this years fair brings in some good people
> to the Barony's family.  I know this game we play is
> not for everyone out there in the mundane world, but
> the Med. Faire is a great place for our 'lost'
> brothers and sisters to find us and come home.
>     Have fun and remember me.  I will be with you in
> spirit.
> To the Dream,  Lady Etienett de Bitche
> (my name is official now :-))
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