With a new day.....

Jennene Stanley mooharpist at mmcable.com
Fri Feb 16 14:28:12 PST 2001


With a new day comes a new project.

The Abbey is putting together a website to showcase artisans in our area.
It will provide links, pictures and information about the people who are
creating beautiful things. Since I am the resident computer cow, I'll be
handling the technical side of the project.

I am asking Northern artisans to contact me. If you have pictures to send
please e-mail me first so we can arrange to FTP things to a server. (sending
images via e-mail can clog stuff up). For those who do not have pictures and
wish for their work to be featured on the site, The Abbey will be at the
Norman Medieval Faire. Bring your work to show off in Arts and Sciences
Display. I will have a digital camera there and will gladly take pictures.
(even you do not wish to be on the Abbey Site, please bring you stuff to
Med-Faire). If you already have your work featured on a website please send
me the link.

Eventually we want to showcase bards and musicians with sound bytes and text
files. Hopefully with all the talent we have here we can put together a
great experience that will show off the North to other places in the Kingdom
and Knowne World.

Serving the Dream in my own way,

Jennene Stanley
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