Why is everyone so silent?

Maleah maleah at mmcable.com
Mon Feb 26 19:01:10 PST 2001

Unfortunately we will be unable to attend Gulf Wars, Ulf cannot get the time
away from work right now, he has a project going with a company in Poland
(no rotten jokes please, they've already done them all). Both His Excellency
and I agree with HL Annabelle. We would like to see the Barony camp together
at events as much as possible and have talked about reviving the old
Baronial port-a-feast ( for those of you who don't know how this works, talk
to me and I'll explain). We tried this at Eldern this year and it worked
quite well. The camaraderie was great and left everyone I've talked to with
a very special memory of the event. Any more positive ideas out there?


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> Much as we would like to, we will not be able to attend Gulf War this
> Personally, I would like for those of us who wish to and do not have any
> other camping commitments to camp together when possible.
> Annabelle

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