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Thu Jul 12 09:17:16 PDT 2001

--- mikea <mikea at mikea.ath.cx> wrote:
> WTF? Typical INS games?

Okay, we're all family here... (smile)

I married a woman from Russia who was here on a
Fulbright scholarship.  One of the requirements of the
Fulbright is that you return to the country you came
from for a couple of years after your degree and, er,
do *something* related to your education.

(With 20%+ unemployment in Moscow, it took her several
months to find a job.  The Fulbright program doesn't
*guarantee* a job...just requires you to return to
your home country for a two-year period.)

We knew this going in, but we thought that we'd have a
bit of say as to when she got to do her two years in
purgatory...er, Russia.  The State Department
disagreed, and they cancelled her visa about three
months after we married.

Lu is now 11 months into her "exile", with another 13
months to go.  We're managing.  It's tough, but it's
given us a chance to work on the communications skills
that will allow us to stay married for the long term.

On the plus side, once we're past the two-year
requirement, she'll be able to get her green card and
remain a permanent resident in the U.S.  And our kids
will have dual citizenship (as Lu has no intentions of
giving up her Russian passport, and I'm not ready to
give up my U.S. citizenship just yet).

Don't worry about us any more than usual.  We're
dealing with it.


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