[Namron] They strike again......

Brown Chass dwarvenhome at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 17 21:22:53 PDT 2001

Hey Ryn

> Oh you poor dear!  How awful for you to have to go
> through this.  I wish
> there were something we could do to help ease your
> pain.  Sweets?  Mead?
Dont you mean Melomil?? roflmao

> Rack to stretch their punny little bodies on?
Hmm now why would you have a rack Ryn?

> Huggs,
> Ryn
Ohh Ryn hugs.. :) those are real cool
> Kateryne la Esclopiera
> Il est bon d'etre laganse!
> (It's good to be the gimp!)
>                    --Ryn the Gimp

Chass Resident Rodent lol

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