[Namron] UPDATE - Brewing Comp. At Namron Protectorate

Stephen Pursley spursley at mmcable.com
Sun Oct 7 11:54:07 PDT 2001

The start of the competition/tasting/judging/round table has been changed
from 2:00 p.m. To 1:00 p.m. Saturday to assist in accommodating Feast setup.

Brewing/Vintning Competition ­ Namron Protectorate 25

1. Please provide at least two bottles of each entry to be judged - 12 oz.
or larger for beers/ales/cordials, and 750 ml for wines and meads.
2. Turn in your entry at the Brewers/Vintners table in the main hall by 1:00
p.m. on Saturday. Refrigeration will be provided for those beverages that
require it.
3. At 1:00 p.m. Saturday all interested parties (especially including those
who submitted entries) are invited to participate in a roundtable discussion
of brewing, wine, mead, and cordial making. This will include judging of the
entries using the criteria of the Midrealm. Judging forms are available at:


4. The highest scoring three entries (or more in the case of ties) will be
presented to the head table during feast. Those at head table who wish to
participate will select the winner in each of the following categories:

Best Beer/Ale
Best Mead
Best Wine
Best Cordial
Best Other
Best of Competition

Please note the Prohibited Herb List. These prohibitions are included for
the protection and safety of those partaking of the entries.

As you can see from the attached judging forms, documentation is not
required, but its lack will lower the potential score of an entry.

The required judging materials (judging forms, glasses, unsalted crackers,
and so on) will be provided by the Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers and

It is my hope to hold this competition from this year forward at Namron
Protectorate. Next year vinegars will be added to the categories judged.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at your earliest

Ld. Barat FitzWalter Reynolds
The Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers and Vintners
Barony of Namron
barat at mmcable.com

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